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Keltron provides a wide range of life safety event monitoring solutions to fulfill a variety of requirements and solve complex problems. Learn how your institution or company can benefit from Keltron's solutions.

Exeter NH Fire Department, Transitioning from Legacy Systems to New Technologies >
Keltron Case Study
Transitioning from legacy signaling systems can be complicated and expensive. To relieve existing system overload and enable a longer-term phased transition, the Exeter, NH Fire Department chose Keltron's flexible alarm monitoring system for its ability to monitor both the existing 100 milliamp loop signaling system and the new Keltron wireless signaling system.

University of Maryland – Integrated Fire Alarm Monitoring >
College Planning and Management Magazine
After five years of research and consideration, the University of Maryland chose Keltron's life safety event management solution to combine their existing equipment with a Keltron's UL listed, high technology signaling system to ensure optimal response to campus incidents.

Mission Critical Solution for Con Edison >
Keltron Case Study
How do you seamlessly upgrade one of the world's largest utilities' security monitoring systems in a post-911 world? Con Edison's Corporate Security team acknowledged that its infrastructure and customer demands provided challenges and after researching and reviewing the systems available, Keltron Corporation provided the best and most cost-effective solution.

Roger Williams University and Bristol, RI Fire Department Work Together for Life Safety >
Keltron Case Study
The relationship between colleges and universities and their supporting municipal fire departments is a critical point of focus in providing high quality life safety response on campus. The volunteer fire department in the town of Bristol, Rhode Island improved its life safety response to local college, Roger Williams University using a unique combination of technology and procedure.

Campus chooses Ethernet/IP Alarm Monitoring System >
Keltron Case Study
As the last user of the legacy copper infrastructure, this campus facilities services department recognized that the university needed a system that would transmit campus alarm signals using the well-established Ethernet/LAN network. They determined that the Keltron Ethernet Signaling System was the most cost-effective and efficient way to make the technology transition.

Specialized Signaling Applications for the Zoo Environment >
Keltron Case Study
Every multi-building facility environment has unique requirements for fire and security alarm monitoring and dispatch and some of the most challenging are those of a zoo or animal park complex. The Keltron system at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore enables effective response to fire, security, environmental and zoo-specific (e.g. animal escape, snake bite) events at both the Zoo's on-site dispatch center and at a commercial monitoring station.

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth >
Keltron Case Study
To achieve centralized campus fire alarm monitoring without interference with the architectural integrity of the campus, UMass Dartmouth installed a Keltron active network radio system. The Keltron LS 7000 life safety event management system enabled the school to comply with Massachusetts' carbon monoxide regulations and save $250,000.

Florida State University >
Keltron Case Study
As part of Florida State University's commitment to provide state-of-the-art safety and security systems across all of its campuses, the Fire Safety group added Keltron's LS 7000 life safety event management system to its high performance active network radio system. The Keltron LS 7000 system provides FSU with network access, expanded history functionality and unlimited scalability.

George Mason University >
Keltron Case Study
The GMU dispatch office is located in the crowded, busy 911 center. By connecting securely to the campus LAN, the Keltron LS 7000 enables the system manager to program and maintain the system from a remote location without disrupting the activity in the dispatch center.

Miami University of Ohio  >
Keltron Case Study
Miami University of Ohio's new fire alarm monitoring system needed to meet comprehensive requirements: UL-listing for fire alarm monitoring, the ability to connect with various different manufacturers' fire alarm control panels, the capability of transmitting all information from each type of addressable fire alarm panel, redundancy and the ability to monitor the system from more than one station.

Naperville, Illinois Fire Department >
Keltron Case Study
Because proceeds from subscriber alarm monitoring fees cover 100% of the equipment, installation and on-going maintenance costs, the City of Naperville was able to purchase and implement the entire system with no up front cost to the city.

Military Deployment >
Keltron Case Study
Dual head ends ensure that a catastrophic event cannot render the entire system inoperable; radios function as both transmitters and repeaters.

Temple-Inland Forest Products Corporation >
Monitoring a One Thousand Acre Lumber Mill - FPC Magazine
Every location included a valve house at which all flow controls were located. However, there was no automatic reporting of events at these valve houses to any central locations that were manned on a continual basis.

Lemont Fire Protection District >
Keltron Case Study
No longer dependent on telephone lines, fire departments are now able to buy and develop their own digital radio-signaling network. Freeing up the money that subscribers had traditionally paid to the phone company for a dedicated phone line, Lemont, Illinois FPD can provide state-of-the-art wireless technology via Keltron's wireless transceivers.

Florida State University >
Profile of Proficiency - An Inspiration and An Asset
Security Dealer Magazine

A recent Fire Control Systems/Keltron collaboration is a cost-cutting project at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

NE Medical Center of Central Massachusetts >
Keltron Case Study
NE Medical Center of Central Massachusetts selected Keltron Corporation's DMP703 alarm monitoring system because it was the only system capable of simultaneously monitoring the many different types of existing alarm inputs, integrating them into a single, easy-to-operate system.

"It [the Keltron LS 7000 life safety event managment system] does everything we require and then some. We were able to install the new equipment while the old system was running with virtually no down time."

Mike Carlton
Sr. Engineering Designer
Florida State University

"We wanted to bring the benefits of a fully supervised, redundant monitoring system for our intrusion detection."

Scott Gross
Systems Specialist for Corporate Security
Consilidated Edison, NY

"To Johnson, the important role a manufacturer plays on a project is one of teamwork and he feels Keltron fits the bill. "My resources only get better with a good manufacturer to count on," he says."

Ralph Johnson
Fire Control Systems, Inc.
Pensacola, Florida

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