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Keltron's 90 Series printers meet all UL fire and security requirements including print speed - 50 messages in 90 seconds. Incorporating every advantage of Keltron's years of experience in advanced printer technology, the 90 Series alarm printers are designed for integration into modern fire alarm systems, which communicate using a standard computer interface.

How the 90 Series printers work
90 Series printers offer fundamental advantages over typical computer printers. These printers operate directly from the 24VDC power that is generated by the standby power source of the alarm system. Because the printer is independent of AC power, it will continue to function as long as there is power to the alarm panel. These printers have their own internal power supply that permits operation over a wide range of input voltages. Even in the event of brownouts, surges or extremely low power, they will continue to function at UL-required speeds, ensuring that there is no loss of data.

90 Series features
Crisp, clear black or red hardcopy is provided in a compact 40-column format - two 40-column lines are equivalent to one 80-column alarm message. Red printing is triggered via a control command or by message context. The built-in paper take-up reel provides convenient storage of printed records. Records can be reviewed at any time by depressing a switch on the front panel, and paper rewound by flipping the switch in the opposite direction.

Internally powered time and date stamp

24VDC power input compatible with standby power source

Dipswitch selectable printer functions

Built-in 8K buffer

MTBF (mean time before failure) of 1.5 million lines

RS232C or RS422 serial interfaces

96 upper and lower case ASCII character set

40 columns per line

Wall mount security cabinets available for this printer in red or gray

Viewing windows for 12 message lines plus printer and paper status LEDs.


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