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Municipal life safety challenges
Recent reductions in funding for state and local services are causing headaches for fire and police departments throughout the country. Coupled with increasing regulations and new building codes, the situation is forcing fire and police officials to search for ways to increase their services performance while maintaining and even cutting expenses.

Fragmented or non-existent systems, outdated equipment, rising costs of contract monitoring services and telephone lines all contribute against the ability of the department to do its mission critical job - save lives and property.

Keltron's comprehensive solutions
Keltron's life safety event management systems offer the municipal fire and police department high performance, dependability and cost efficiency with our universally compatible systems. Keltron's UL-listed and NFPA 72-compliant systems are proven in thousands of municipal installations and provide a wide range of benefits including:

Increases response time - up to 2 minutes faster than central station monitoring

Enhances accuracy - enables operator to receive event-specific information

Facilitates control - maintains control of decisions within municipal environment

Improves reliability - wide safety margins and rugged construction ensures 24/7/365 uptime

Decreases training time - provides uniformity by codes and regulations compliance

Reduces costs -eliminates contract monitoring service costs, reduces insurance premiums

Reduces capital expense - universal compatibility enables interface with legacy systems

Learn about how municipalities use Keltron's systems to solve their life safety event management challenges:

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