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Life safety and security are dependent on fast and accurate response. Keltron knows that seconds can save lives and property and we are committed to developing solutions that enable our customers to transmit faster, more reliable and more accurate life safety event information.

Reliance on telephone lines to transmit fire and security information is becoming increasingly expensive and unreliable. In an effort to offer a better solution, Keltron's innovative engineers created an active network radio signaling system based on radio transceivers that replace telephone lines to transmit mission critical alarm signals.

Our systems use field-proven, robust, declassified military technology that currently protects government facilities throughout the world. Keltron's active network radio technology eliminates dedicated telephone lines that connect the fire alarm systems at a protected premise to its proprietary or municipal dispatch center.

The benefits of active network radio
Keltron's active network radio signaling systems provide reliability, speed and cost savings to both the monitoring facility and the subscriber.

Reduces ongoing expense by eliminating expensive telephone lines

Reduces capital expense by interfacing with existing systems

Increases accuracy by eliminating false alarms due to faulty lines

Improves reliability through multiple path routing that ensures signal reception

How it works
This wireless system, based on the Keltron's proven, reliable alarm monitoring systems, features UL-listed radio transceivers that replace conventional telephone lines. The unique, powerful and patented store-and-forward multipath capability alleviates the need for both towers and expensive repeater sites as every radio transceiver functions as a repeater.

Distributed intelligence and dynamically evaluated transmission paths ensure that the most reliable path to the central receiver is always utilized. Each added transceiver strengthens the network and can provide another transmission path to the central receiver for the other transceivers.

Network monitoring software enables an optional PC to display and record all network activity. This provides the vital network status information required to easily operate, troubleshoot and maintain the network.

Keltron's active network radio system features

Meets NFPA 72 fire codes and all applicable UL standards

Radio receiver easily interfaces with new or existing Keltron systems

Multipath capability eliminates the need for both towers and expensive repeater sites

Distributed intelligence and dynamically evaluated transmission paths direct optimal routing

Constant route analysis and prioritization results in optimal routing

Two-way signaling with multiple retries and packet acknowledgement ensures signal receipt

Additional subscribers strengthen the network by providing additional transmission paths

Network monitoring software provides vital network status information

Digital data packets increase transmission reliability

Software modules support a large received events buffer and remove duplicate signals

Non-volatile memory retains subscriber transceiver zone status during reset or power down

Programmable message database provides accurate, instantaneous and precise dispatch

Field-programmable output controls enable radio signal integration with otherwise incompatible systems

Learn more about how Keltron's active network radio solutions are working for our customers.

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Keltron's fire and security equipment meets or exceeds the requirement and standards of Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). >

Keltron offers guidelines for active network radio systems maintenance in the municipal environment >

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