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Keltron's CSD703 coded signal decoder receives and decodes signals from electronic and electro-mechanical transmitters. Designed primarily for use in municipalities and large industrial environments, it is a modern replacement for the traditional single-stroke register system.

Solid-state design incorporating full supervision of both connected circuitry and system modules ensures lifelong reliability. The touch-screen CRT operating control panel, one of many Keltron firsts in the industry, improves operator accuracy and minimizes maintenance problems by eliminating the need for electro-mechanical switches.

The system is based on Keltron's powerful DMP703/704 alarm monitoring system and replaces the original DMP100 and DMP200 Series decoders.


Reliability - proven dependable in thousands of installations

Accuracy - clear, easy-to-use information reduces operator error

Scalability - monitors up to 96 channels or supervised circuits without overload

The CSD703 presents alarm information three ways to ensure operator accuracy; it sounds an audio alert to attract the attention of an operator, it displays message-specific information on the touch-screen CRT and it prints an event-specific message. Other innovative features include:

Displays messages in flashing and/or reverse video screen formats with or without high intensity lighting for fast and accurate reading

Up to 1200-character message per code programmed with plug-in keyboard or PC

Improves troubleshooting with box timing printout

Annunciates both system and any received signaling errors

Hard copy red/black printer

Monitors from one to 96 channels

Configurable as a code-to-point translator for applications requiring integration

Self-checking indicators to automatically signal low paper and paper out

May be either rack or desk top mounted

Self-contained 7" rack-mounted system with separate power source/charger

Relay assemblies provide isolation between the coded signal loop and the CSD703.

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