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Keltron's DR703Le remote supervising station digital alarm communicator/receiver (DACR) accepts alarm signals via the dial-up telephone network from digital alarm communicator transmitters (DACTs), enabling an operator to monitor those alarms from a remote site.

This low cost, scalable and highly reliable alarm monitoring and dispatch system is particularly effective for offsite monitoring of homes, businesses and distant sites from a remote location. The DR703Le enables efficient monitoring of many DACTs in a large campus or complex by providing event-specific information and response instructions. Capable of interfacing with a large central station computer the DR703Le enables reliable, cost-effective monitoring of thousands of individual sites.

Configured with Keltron's powerful alarm monitoring processors and line card unit, the DR703Le is the only remote station DACR that provides a field-programmable database with support for fully supervised remote signaling.


Cost effective - uses existing and ubiquitous telephone lines for transmission

Reliable - based on Keltron's field-proven flagship DMP703 alarm monitoring system

Flexible - enables the simultaneous reception of multiple input technologies

The DR703Le provides numerous unique features such as ability to receive signals from DACTs that do not send a different check-in signal when un-restored inputs exist as now required by U.L. Other features include:

Prioritized event reporting

Dialer out-of-service mode allows operator to ignore runaway dialers

Dialer test mode allows dialers to be tested without interrupting the operator

Daily test supervision on/off for each account

Adjustable timer for each in field account (1 - 168 hours)

Events appear in sequential rotating display until restored to normal

Dial-up status check on any account/zone in rotation

Summary printed list of all accounts/zones in rotation

Field-programmable database

Event location/response displays messages in English

7" CRT touch screen display with integral red/black printer

System interconnections use standard RS232C cables

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