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The innovative Keltron DataTap™ is a unique interface that enables faster and more accurate life safety event response. An intelligent link from the fire alarm control panel (FACP) to Keltron's active network radio transceivers, DataTap™ converts otherwise printed FACP data into point-specific alarm information that is received and transmitted through the radio transceiver to the monitoring operator at a remote location.


Accurate - converts FACP data to point-specific life safety event information

Immediate - enables FACP connection to faster, more reliable active radio network

Cost-Effective - Keltron DataTap™ currently interfaces to over 60 different models and brands of FACPs, enabling managers of campus and multi-building facilities to leverage their existing equipment and save capital expense.


Mounts conveniently inside Keltron's wireless transceivers

Supports multiple FACP panels including Notifier, Simplex, Siemens and GE/EST (see compatibility chart)

Connects through the FACP's RS232 data port

Supervised connection to supported FACPs

Generates generic fault message in the event of a fault

Easy installation

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Keltron RF778F data sheet >

DataTap™ Data Sheet >

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New - DataText™ full text capability for radios >

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