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The world's Ethernet communications infrastructure has become as important as the telephone system. Lightning fast communication over any distance is being adopted at every level of every industry. Our introduction of the Keltron LS 7000 Life Safety Event Management System marked the beginning of Keltron's developing suite of alarm monitoring solutions that utilize the Ethernet to transmit alarm signals to an on-site central dispatch station.

The Keltron LS 7000 system provides the most efficient monitoring, dispatching and reporting system in the life safety industry. This PC-based system leverages technology to provide accuracy, efficiency, flexibility and scalability that exceeds any existing system.

This universally-compatible system receives multiple manufacturers' panels' event signals directly through Keltron LS Net Ethernet transceivers, and through UL-listed Keltron receivers, presents event data via radio, distributed multiplex, digital dialer, direct wire and coded loop communications.

The benefits of Ethernet

High Performance - advanced error detection and supervision. On-demand event-driven protocol minimizes traffic load on existing networks

Maximum Efficiency - with easy-to-use PC-based software

Reliability - bilateral supervision ensure end-to-end reliability

Universal Compatibility - interfaces with a wide range of manufacturers' panels

Scalability - software-driven system has almost limitless capacity

Reduces Expense - leverages existing network infrastructure and facilities, uses standard Ethernet connections and protocols, and utilizes local IT expertise


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