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Monitor - Receive - Annunciate - Respond.
Keltron's flagship fire and security alarm monitoring systems, the DMP703 and compact version DMP704, enable thousands of operators to do just that every day - as fast as they can say the words.

Accepting every type of alarm input, Keltron's powerful alarm monitoring systems manage the monitoring/control functions that occur in municipal and proprietary fire and security systems. Whether your facility is a college campus, a residential apartment building or a municipal fire station, or your monitoring operators are on site or thousands of miles away, Keltron's high performance systems can be configured to provide exactly what you need to protect lives and property.

The benefits of Keltron's alarm monitoring systems
Keltron's alarm monitoring systems provide reliability, speed and cost savings:

High performance - powerful, upgradeable hardware and software facilitates instantaneous response

Cost effective - universal interface to new or existing systems

Reliable - continuous supervised monitoring proven in thousands of installations

The features of the DMP703/704 systems
With knowledge and experience of thousands of installations since 1967, Keltron's systems provide a wide variety of innovative and unique features that continue to be updated and enhanced to provide the highest possible level of functionality:

Continuous supervised monitoring

Instant display and printout of events with no loss of data

Messages in plain English enabling instant, accurate action by operators

Touch screen control of system operations with audible feedback

Field-programmable messages and instant update for every point

Interactive 7-inch CRT with flashing, highlighting and reverse video annunciation

2X more screen Information area than typical LCD displays

Satellite operator consoles provide full system access and control

Dot matrix, 32-column impact printer provides event hard copy and archivable records

Optional output relays enable field-programmable annunciator driver for existing panels

Learn more about how Keltron's fire and security alarm monitoring systems help our customers provide fire and security event response services.

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