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Since 1967, Keltron's mission has been to provide the highest quality, best performance and most cost effective solutions to the mission critical fire and security alarm monitoring market.

In the past year, Keltron has designed and manufactured several innovative and market-targeted solutions to enable our systems to interface with industry standard equipment and systems and enhance functionality at all levels.

Keltron LS CSR Ethernet Receiver
Introducing the Keltron LS CSR Ethernet Receiver which enables multi-building facilities and municipalities to monitor fire, security, access control, emergency call and industrial process equipment using an existing Ethernet network. This cost-effective receiver provides an interface from Keltron LS Net Ethernet (IP) transceivers to standard automation software systems, Keltron DMP703/704 alarm receivers, and other legacy alarm receivers that otherwise are unable to receive alarm and other event signals using Ethernet (IP) communications infrastructures.

Keltron Thermal Printer Upgrade Kit
a quiet solution to your noise pollution: for our customers who have lived with the noise of the Keltron DMP703/4 receiver’s impact printer, we now offer an upgrade kit that easily replaces that noisy impact printer with a quiet, efficient logging printer with automatic paper take-up.

Keltron LS Net Ethernet Event Transceiver
Introducing the Keltron LS Net transceiver, a state-of-the-art, Ethernet-based, IP-addressable event transceiver. The universally-compatible Keltron LS Net uses both input-monitoring circuitry and secure, supervised Ethernet communication to transmit alarms to a receiving station. Learn how to leverage your Ethernet communications infrastructure for life safety event management. >

LS 7000 Life Safety Event Management System™
Introducing the Keltron LS 7000 a PC/Windows-based life safety event monitoring system. The LS 7000 delivers Keltron's proven advantages of universal compatibility and unparalleled reliability in a convenient, efficient PC/Windows-based solution. This feature-rich system incorporates a wide range of new functionality to enhance operational, performance, management and reporting capabilities. >

Keltron Fire Dialer™
Learn about Keltron's new Keltron Fire Dialer, serial digital alarm communicator transmitter - a unique enhancement that enhances the performance of fire alarm control panels (FACPs) and enables more accurate, faster event response. >

Find out how Keltron's new DataTap™ , an intelligent link from the FACP to Keltron's active network radio subscriber units enables faster and more accurate life safety event response. >

Our engineers, developers and technicians are constantly working on new products that provide better solutions for ever-changing life safety challenges. We are committed to continuously enhancing and updating our systems to incorporate changes in current technology.

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