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As technology continues to change, Keltron's software engineers have developed software options that enhance our systems and enable them to interface with other facilities systems.

Group Arm/Disarm for Security Applications
Keltron offers an option to automatically arm/disarm a group of points according to a pre-defined schedule or manually via the Keltron operator touch screen to purposefully circumvent the standard programming within a security application. An example of an application of group arm/disarm is a door contact that is being used during normal business hours and should not be armed during that time.
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Keltron REMP703 Data Recovery/Data Transfer Software
To ensure that valuable data from alarm monitoring systems is protected from loss, Keltron offers the REMP703 software option. The program facilitates the restoration of the database in the event of catastrophic failure (memory loss). The Keltron REMP703 data recovery program enables an operator to backup, restore, manipulate, print and archive the integral alarm systems database using an IBM-PC or compatible personal computer, on-site or from a remote location.
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Call Assurance Check-In Option
An assisted living facility is comprised of many residents who live alone in separate apartments. Each resident's status is verified daily. Standard procedure is for each resident to re-set a sign on his/her front door each morning that is set manually by facility staff each night. When moved, the sign changes color so as to distinguish between sleeping and waking hours. It is time-consuming and costly for the staff to manually verify each morning that all residents have moved their signs to signify that they are awake and well.
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