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In response to the communications industry's replacement of direct connect copper telephone lines with voice grade fiber optic telephone lines, Keltron's engineers developed our Tones series of transmitter, and receiver modules to enable the transmission of industry standard alarm signal technologies via fiber optic telephone lines.

Tones modules also facilitate signaling in campus environments and multi-building complexes where the fire alarm control panel (FACP) is unable to receive signals from remote FACPs that do not communicate using the same technology. Modules are available for both fire alarm and security applications.

Whereas the original technology allowed the phone line transmission of only one alarm signal, Tones modules multiplex at least two separate and distinct alarm signals over the voice grade line or simple wire pair in a fully supervised manner. Keltron's Tones modules can both convert and transmit the signals of standard technologies such as reverse polarity, McCulloh loop, and dry contact.


Cost control - enables effective interfacing between disparate systems using signal conversion

Flexibility - allows communications in telephone networks with both fiber optic and copper wires

Scalability - enables system growth using existing components

Keltron offers both transmitter and receiver Tones modules that facilitate the communication via multiple technologies to both Keltron remote and proprietary supervising station systems and third party equipment. The following data sheets include detailed information on each Tones module or pair:

Tones Transmitter Modules

95M3086 TTM-RP - accepts reversing polarity signal and transmits tones >

95M3086-1 TTM-REL - accepts dry contact inputs and transmits tones >

95M3086-25 TTM-SEC - transmits only secure tones >

95M3158 TTM-RPS - accepts reversing polarity signal and transmits tones >

Tones Receiver Modules

3083 TRM - receives, decodes, and provides reverse polarity output signals to enable interfacing with Keltron alarm receivers >

3090 TRM-REL - receives tones and converts signals to third party equipment-compatible levels and configurations >


Keltron's 95DM728 Tones nest enables the connection of subscriber to a central monitoring facility via either fiber optic, copper or microwave linked lines >

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