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Volume 5

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A Keltron Case Study
It's everywhere in the news…first responders and municipal officials are searching for ways to deliver fast, accurate alarm response while maintaining or even reducing their costs and overhead. "We were looking for a solution that would provide reliability and high performance and would also offset some of our expense for monitoring and responding to the alarms reported by the monitoring system," noted Daniel J. Voiland, assistant chief of the Naperville Fire Department.

Find out how the Naperville, Illinois Fire Department is achieving their goals with Keltron's active network radio. Read the Case Study >

Product Spotlight:
New Keltron LS 7000 features - tech talk
False alarms are the bane of fire departments everywhere. As part of Keltron's false alarm reduction initiative, the Keltron LS 7000 now offers swinger suppression, a unique feature that enables LS 7000 system operators and people to effectively manage 'swinging' or runaway signaling devices so that they do not interfere with mission critical alarms. Rather than presenting the operator with hundreds, maybe thousands of repeated trouble-clear-alarm transitions, or 'swingers', it efficiently compacts and records the errant signals into single events, yet retains detailed information about the actual behavior of the device, including a detailed history, the initial occurrence of the condition and how often it occurred. The operator can manage and dispatch the swinger condition in a single action without losing the detailed information that is required to diagnose and correct a faulty device.

In its final stages of development and testing, storm mode enables the LS 7000 system administrator to set a fixed time for the system to automatically log trouble events that result from storms and power outages. Requiring no operator intervention, this feature reduces the volume of response-requiring events and enables the dispatcher to concentrate on mission critical alarms.

Results from our field studies and customer requests, Keltron's engineering team continues to develop unique enhancements for the Keltron LS 7000 life safety event management system.

Keltron SDACT update
Our unique SDACT serial digital alarm communicator/transmitter will be submitted for UL-listing in June. Users of EST2, MIR2 and FCI 7200 fire alarm control panels can now transmit point-specific and critical fire alarm information to an on- or off-site central station-style digital receiver through the dial-up public switched telephone network or PSTN. Learn more >

Upcoming Events at Keltron
If you are planning to attend this year's NFPA World Safety Conference and Expo in Salt Lake City this May 23-25, visit Keltron's booth 519 for a demonstration of the LS 7000. To learn more about Keltron's solutions, we invite you to visit our Web site at We encourage you to forward your copy of Outputs to any colleagues who are interested in the life safety event management industry.

We encourage you to forward your copy of Outputs to any colleagues who are interested in the life safety event management industry.

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