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Volume 6

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News Bites
George Mason University chooses Keltron LS 7000
Keltron is pleased to announce the delivery of our newest life safety event management system, the Keltron LS 7000 to George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Speed and rapid response through fast, accurate access was GMU's objective in choosing a life safety event management system. The on-site campus dispatch center services three geographically different campuses. The campus buildings use a wide mix of different fire alarm control panels (FACPs) that connect to the Keltron LS 7000 to provide all levels of GMU dispatchers with highly detailed information in an easy-to-use familiar Windows format. Incident history tracking is another important benefit for the University. Learn more about the benefits and features of Keltron LS 7000 >

Product Spotlight:
Keltron Fire Dialers
There are thousands of EST2, MIR2 and FCI 7200 FACPs that cannot provide point-specific fire alarm information to an on- or off-site central dispatch digital receiver through the dial-up public switched telephone network or PSTN.

Keltron's new Fire Dialers can solve the problem and enable our customers to use their existing equipment and save money. Currently being tested at UL, Keltron's serial and fire DACT Fire Dialers will be ready to ship in the fourth quarter. Learn more about Keltron Fire Dialers >

Upcoming Events at Keltron
If you are planning to attend the upcoming ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits in Dallas, TX September 27 - 30, please visit Keltron's booth #4818 to find out how Keltron's solutions can benefit your organization.

To learn more about Keltron's solutions, we invite you to visit our Web site at We encourage you to forward your copy of Outputs to any colleagues who are interested in the life safety event management industry.

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