Keltron has been a source of innovation for the fire and life safety industry for over a half century. Since Keltron’s introduction of digital printers more than 50 years ago by our MIT and Northeastern University-educated founders, we have continued to develop and manufacture the hardware, software and services required to meet the needs of our customers and the fire and life safety market.

Among some of Keltron’s “firsts” are the developments of:

  • State-of-the-art suite of dispatching, monitoring and reporting software, specifically designed for the fire and life safety market
  • UL listed Ethernet (IP) signaling system
  • Keltron DataTap™ for reliable wireless communication of point ID alarm data
  • Distributed multiplexers
  • Serial digital alarm communicator transmitter (SDACT)
  • Direct connect monitoring of alarm signals over incompatible voice grade, fiber optic or microwave-based leased telephone lines
  • Direct wire, reverse polarity, digital transmitters and multiplex inputs
  • A system that combines annunciator panel features with digital printout
  • Multiplexed, data gathering panel that combines with visual annunciators
  • A system for coded signals that decodes, displays, and prints outputs of mechanically coded signals produced by fire and security alarm systems
  • A printer system to monitor contact closures and print a programmable four-digit number plus an identifier code of four alpha characters

Over the years, Keltron Corporation has continuously enhanced and updated our systems to incorporate beneficial changes in technology. The addition of microprocessors and minicomputers as well as the development of highly specific software programs enable Keltron to offer the highest quality, most reliable life safety event management systems available today.