Hospitals and healthcare facilities face a range of unique challenges in protecting staff and patients from fire and other life safety incidents. Redundant systems, pinpoint alarm identification and accurate information are all benefits that Keltron’s systems bring to the healthcare facility industry:

  • Multi-building hospitals: much like colleges and universities, large, multi-building hospital campuses often have different brands of FACPs and legacy signaling technologies. Keltron’s systems’ ability to unify disparate, legacy and newer fire alarm technologies and equipment eases overload at their busy dispatch stations and creates a path to upgrade.
  • Healthcare companies with multiple regional clinics: Keltron’s systems can also unify FACPs and signaling among multiple smaller healthcare clinics that are spread out over a regional area, saving money while providing reliable, scalable fire alarm monitoring and a view into fire and other alarm activity throughout the system.
  • Consolidating healthcare organizations: with the current trend toward healthcare consolidation, Keltron’s systems unify different equipment and connect multiple signaling systems for faster, more accurate incident monitoring, dispatching and reporting for healthcare organizations’ multiple facilities.

Keltron’s healthcare customers include: