Keltron FACP Interfaces

Part of the universal compatibility Keltron offers is its systems’ ability to transmit specific, point-identifiable (Point ID) information from FACPs including building location, device location, and alarm type.

Keltron Ethernet transceivers and Keltron DataTap™ with DataText™ FACP interfaces for radio transceivers currently support and interface with about 95% of different new and legacy brands and models of addressable FACPs.

Keltron customers benefit by being able to:

  • Leverage existing investments in equipment
  • Select FACPs that best meet the facility’s needs
  • Provide all FACPs’ information to the operator in a unified presentation

To see a list of FACPs for which Keltron offers interfaces click here for Ethernet (IP) → and here for Active Network (Mesh) Radio