Volume 22

If you plan to attend the 2014 NFPA Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, June 9-11, we've included a registration link to the Expo below. We invite you to visit booth #1434 to learn about Keltron's latest solutions and product enhancements for life safety event management.

News From the Field
We know that telephone lines are quickly becoming obsolete for alarm signaling – they are slow, faulty and expensive compared to broadband Ethernet (IP), but how can you get from telephone lines to Ethernet alarm signaling without chaos at your facility?

Here is how Florida Atlantic University did it: faced with a failing alarm receiver and expensive telephone lines, FAU installed a UL listed and code-compliant, campus wide fire alarm monitoring system consisting of auto-failover, redundant Keltron digital alarm communicator receivers to receive the DACT signals and send them to the auto-failover, redundant Keltron LS 7000 life safety event management system.

By adding the Keltron LS 7000 system, FAU established a migration path to using its robust Ethernet backbone for future alarm signaling. Since the Keltron system can receive signals via both telephone lines and Ethernet within the same system, this cost-effective solution provides immediate dispatch efficiency and accuracy and enables a transition that fits the University's time schedule and budgetary requirements.

New Product News
The reliable Keltron DMP703 alarm receiver is deployed at thousands of municipalities and facilities throughout the country, patiently receiving all types of legacy signaling for years and years. Upgrade your Keltron receiver with a new printer and LCD display:

Keltron Thermal Printer Upgrade Kit
We have a quiet solution to your noise pollution: for our customers who have lived with the noise of the Keltron DMP703/4 receiverís impact printer, we now offer an upgrade kit that easily replaces that noisy impact printer with a quiet, efficient logging printer with automatic paper take-up. To learn more, read the data sheet >

Keltron CRT Upgrade Kit
Dependability is essential in the life safety industry. As new technology produced more reliable LED/LCD flat screen displays to replace older CRT displays, Keltron engineers designed a replacement LCD display that will extend the life of our customers' Keltron DMP703/704 alarm receivers. To learn about this new enhancement, read the data sheet >

Customer News
We are always pleased to welcome both new customers and customers that are upgrading their existing systems:

New facility installations include the AECI New Madrid Power Plant, Brookhaven National Labs, Seward Military Resort, Smithsonian Institution Mt. Hopkins Observatory, US Steel, US Coast Guard stations at Humboldt and Monterey, CA, Toshiba International, and the District of Columbia Courts.

New campus installations include Westchester Community College, Middlebury College, Florida Atlantic University, Messiah College with major upgrades underway at Syracuse University, the University of New Hampshire, and the University of Maryland.

Training News
To ensure that your associates are properly trained in the installation, maintenance and service of your Keltron system, we offer a range of training options including complete installation and refresher courses. For system administrators and operators we offer advanced dispatching and programming training. To learn more or arrange training please call 781-916-2054.

Upcoming Events
If you are planning to attend the upcoming 2014 NFPA Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, June 9-11, please visit Keltron's booth #1434 to meet the Keltron team and learn how Keltron's solutions can benefit your company or organization.

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