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Volume 9

Welcome to Keltron Corporation's Outputs, a regular e-mail communication of Keltron's new product insights, news and events. Learn about the latest addition to Keltron's suite of life safety event management solutions September 25-27 at the ASIS 52nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits in San Diego. Read further for details.

News Bites
This edition of Keltron Outputs is all about new technologies for effective life safety event management. These press releases highlight new systems and upgrades for Keltron's state-of-the-art solutions:

Product Spotlight:
Keltron LS Net Ethernet transceiver
New to Keltron's extensive product line of transceivers, the Keltron LS Net is a state-of-the-art, Ethernet-based, IP-addressable transceiver that enables reliable, cost-effective alarm monitoring for multi-building facilities and municipal environments.

Part of the Keltron Life Safety Event Management System, the Keltron LS Net uses both input-monitoring circuitry and secure, supervised Ethernet communication to transmit alarms to the receiving station.

As a major advantage with all Keltron solutions, the universally-compatible Keltron LS Net can interface with a wide range of fire alarm control panels (FACPs) and leverages existing standard network infrastructure.

Product Update:
A peek at Keltron LS 7000 version 3.0 programmable event segregation feature
The much-requested Keltron LS 7000 Event Segregation feature enables different types of events to be received by different operators at different workstations across a facility, campus or municipality. It is highly flexible and can be programmed to meet specific requirements.

For example, all fire, smoke, water-flow and similar life-safety events may be sent to the fire dispatcher, while burglary, unauthorized access and other security events would go to the police dispatcher, and trouble and supervisory events can be sent to the maintenance department.

In multi-campus, multi-municipality and multi-facility environments, the Keltron LS 7000 can be programmed to send events to different operators by event type, such as fire, trouble or supervisory, and also by origin or location, such as town or campus.

Multiple criteria such as locale and event type may be combined for flexible dispatching. For contingency situations, the system enables appropriately-privileged operators to assume alarm monitoring and dispatching from other operators on a dynamic basis.

Upcoming Events at Keltron
If you are planning to attend the upcoming ASIS 52nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits in San Diego, September 25-27 please visit Keltron's booth #2556 to find out how Keltron's solutions can benefit your organization.

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