A New Year and New Technology – How Can We Get There?

By Denise Pappas, Executive Director

Some of the best gifts I have ever received were gifts that came from the heart. You know, the ones where the giver put substantial thought into their gift. For instance, my husband made a cassette tape of songs that reminded him of me. It brought tears to my eyes and warmed my soul that he would think of and take the time to prepare such a wonderful gift. However, I realized that I could no longer enjoy it because I no longer had a cassette player: the technology had changed.

The cassette was still good, but needed an upgrade. Made me think of all the older technology that is still operable and dependable, but just needs a way to work with newer technology – sort of a retrofit.

Like my wonderful cassette, many older fire alarm control panels (FACPs) work reliably to deliver fire and life safety alarm information to dispatchers and managers at facilities across the country and throughout the world but may not be able to transmit mission critical signals using newer technologies and often become orphaned. Ripping out wiring and replacing them is costly and time consuming, overwhelming facility budgets.

What if there was a way to include older equipment and combine it into a newer, more accurate, and flexible alarm management system? Well, there is! Keltron specializes in helping multi-building facilities migrate from old to new fire alarm management equipment without having to remove existing equipment until budgets permit.

We can help you combine your existing FACPs, new FACPs and any existing or new signaling technology into a single, software-based system that is accurate, flexible, reliable and cost-effective.

To learn more, contact me at and we’ll talk.

I do wish it was that easy to migrate my mix tapes…