Magazine Articles

February 2017 – The Herald News
Fall River's Faulty Alarm System is Getting an Upgrade

December 2009 – College Planning and Management Magazine
Solving the System - Integrated Fire Alarm Monitoring

January 2008 – Engineered Systems Magazine
Profiles in Safety - Power to the People (third section)

May 2006 – Engineered Systems Magazine
Case In Point: Getting 9-1-1 operator the 4-1-1 is key for GMU

February 2005 – Emergency, Fire/Rescue and Police Magazine
A New Day for 911 Monitoring

February 2005 – Security Distributing and Marketing Magazine
Radio Transmission Fires up Business for City

December 2003 – Security Sales and Integration Magazine
Cutting-Edge Products' Special - Product Wonderland: SSI's ASIS Top 30 (scroll up five from the end of the story)

July 2003 – Security Systems News
Market Trends: Integrated Fire Systems

July 2003 – Security Systems News
Cooperation, Planning Makes Systems Integration Work

November 2002 – FPC Magazine
Monitoring a One Thousand Acre Lumber Mill

January/February 2002 – IMSA Journal
Military Technology Applied to Municipal Fire Alarm Systems

September 2001 – Security Dealer Magazine
Profile of Proficiency - An Inspiration and An Asset