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Keltron Introduces DataTap™ Universal FACP Serial Interface Provides Point-Specific Life Safety Event Data via Keltron Active Radio Network
Provides Point-Specific Life Safety Event Data via Keltron Active Radio Network

Waltham, Mass., January 2002 – Keltron Corporation a leading provider of life safety event management solutions, today introduced the Keltron DataTapTM model 95M3222. This unique module accepts RS-232 data from serial data sources such as a printer port from an intelligent fire alarm control panel (FACP). Once connected to the FACP, the DataTap utilizes the Keltron RF750F radio subscriber unit to send data through a wireless network. Applications include college campus and industrial complex environments as well as municipalities and government installations.

DataTap is compatible with any FACP that provides an RS-232 output port. The DataTap uses jumpers to select the appropriate personality-matched software for interfacing to the subject FACP. This means the stocking of a single product that satisfies multiple applications. The DataTap emulates a digital communicator by converting the RS232 data to Contact-ID and sending the signals to the monitoring location through the Keltron wireless network. The wireless network saves both time and phone charges.

Contact-ID provides annunciation of the account number, point or zone number, and an event or detector type, in the event code field. Keltron’s DataTap currently supports the following panels: EST-2, FCI FC-7200, Gamewell Flex 600, Pyrotronics MXL, Notifier AM2020, and the Notifier AFP-200. An hourly transceiver check-in cycle greatly enhances system integrity.

The Keltron DataTap is scheduled to complete its UL-listing phase in April 2002. Listings include central, remote, and proprietary supervising station fire alarm system service. The device is used to centrally monitor FACPs from a wide variety of manufacturers, increasing flexibility and reducing capital expense involved in the purchase of a completely new system.

About Keltron Corporation
Keltron Corporation is a leading provider of fire and security alarm monitoring solutions that enable organizations and companies to provide dependable, scalable, life safety event response services. Keltron develops and manufactures secure, reliable, UL-listed fire and security alarm response management systems, alarm annunciators and complementary alarm system components for the municipal and proprietary life safety markets.

Keltron’s alarm solutions protect thousands of hospitals, museums, municipalities, universities, apartment and office buildings, government and military facilities. Companies that rely on Keltron’s solutions include The Dow Chemical Company, Shell Oil Co., Sun Oil Co., Temple Inland, Inc., and US Steel, and organizations such as Columbia University, Florida State University, and University of Illinois. Keltron’s headquarters is in Waltham, MA. For more information, visit or call 781-894-8710.

Lisa Korklan
Keltron Corporation