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Keltron introduces SDACT Serial Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter
Enables FACPs to send point-specific event data via POTS lines

Waltham, Mass., February 2003 –┬áKeltron Corporation, leading provider of life safety event management solutions, introduces the Serial Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (SDACT). This unique solution enables a more accurate emergency response by accepting RS-232 data from the printer port of an intelligent addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) or from other serial data sources, and converting it to standard, digital-receiver compatible format.

A major benefit of the SDACT is that it provides a remedy for today’s FACPs that cannot support point-specific fire and security alarm information to an on- or off-site central digital receiver through the dial-up public switched telephone network or PSTN. “This facilitates a precise strategic response to identifying those events and their locations and when lives and security are at stake, every second counts,” said Steve Sargent, director of sales for Keltron.

The SDACT is compatible with any FACP with an RS-232 output port and for which Keltron has personality-matched software. The SDACT converts the RS232 data to SIA format, which is widely accepted by DACRs including those manufactured by Keltron. SIA format facilitates annunciation of the account number, point or zone number, and an event or detector type at the receiver.

Once connected to an FACP, the SDACT accepts the data, dials the Digital Alarm Communicator Receiver (DACR) and transmits addressable point- and event-specific data to the DACR for annunciation.

SDACT features include:

  • Four EOL resistor-supervised hard-wired zone inputs for primary alarm reporting
  • Programmable test code call-in cycles
  • Manual test button
  • Programming utility that connects via cable to the serial port in a PC or laptop
  • Support for EST-2, FCI FC-7200, Gamewell Flex 600 Series and Pyrotechnics MXL FACPs
  • Supervised communications and interruption reporting of enabled FACPs
  • Local LEDs and audible devices indicate SDACT status

About Keltron Corporation
Keltron Corporation is a leading provider of fire and security alarm monitoring solutions that enable organizations and companies to provide dependable, scalable, life safety event response services. Keltron develops and manufactures secure, reliable, UL-listed fire and security alarm response management systems, alarm annunciators and complementary alarm system components for the municipal and proprietary life safety markets.

Keltron’s alarm solutions protect thousands of hospitals, museums, municipalities, universities, apartment and office buildings, government and military facilities. Companies that rely on Keltron’s solutions include The Dow Chemical Company, Shell Oil Co., Sun Oil Co., Temple Inland, Inc., and US Steel, and organizations such as Columbia University, Florida State University, and University of Illinois. Keltron’s headquarters is in Waltham, MA. For more information, visit or call 781-894-8710.

Lisa Korklan
Keltron Corporation