End-of-Life Products

Keltron’s engineers design our systems and components for long life and dependability but with the understanding that new technologies eventually render old ones obsolete. Keltron’s Technical Support Department determines the parameters for support of our legacy systems and components and institutes an end-of-life phase-out period. If you have a legacy Keltron system, please contact sales@keltroncorp.com to learn about available upgrades.

Keltron systems and components that have been discontinued but service and repair are still available:

Digital Receivers:

Power Supplies
All PS740 power supplies


Keltron legacy systems and components that have exceeded the phase-out period and are obsolete. These are no longer supported:

  • No telephone technical support
  • No board repair
  • No system module repair
  • Boards/parts are only available until current inventory is depleted

19 inch, all-in-one UL server/workstation
All non-UL tower PCs running Windows XP

Digital Receivers: LCU, LCU1, LCU2, LCU2E
DM600 and DM700 systems
PC SIRS systems
DEC-based SIRS systems
DMP701RE serial systems
DMP701 parallel systems
DMP703 options 95M2862, 95M2821
DMP703 options PLM, PET400, PET 600 all models
701 Series – processors, AMUs, VDM-P, and AMU-Ps
SI/O7 receiving modules
DA-100s, 101s, and 102/3s
DM100 decoders
DMP100 decoders
DMP200 series decoders
CSU central gathering unit nest
DGP-32/16A data gathering panel

Radio System Equipment
RF750L transceivers
RF7300 radio receiver
RF7830 central transceiver
RF750F/RF750F8 radio transceivers
Transmitters and Transceivers
DM921, DM922, and DM923 coded transmitters
NET800 series transceivers

Power Supplies
DM738 series power supplies

DM/DMP800 printers
DM/DMP900 printers
Printers identified with model numbers below 600
All 80 series printers

BB4, BB5 and BB6 back boxes
All BC series battery cabinets

All PL series one-gang annunciators except PL-1A-24
All TA series annunciators except TA05
LA-12, LA-16 and LA-20 annunciators