Keltron’s unique ability to interface to an unparalleled variety of legacy systems reduces our customers’ capital expense and increases ROI. Keltron’s life safety event management systems provide fire and life safety at hundreds of multi-building educational, industrial, commercial, and military facilities and municipal, state and federal government complexes worldwide.

Adoption in multi-building facility and campus environments

Changes in building codes, increased focus on regulatory enforcement, and standards development are fueling increasing adoption of life safety event management systems to protect proprietary facilities. Universities, hospitals, industrial and commercial facilities are generating growth in the life safety event management market through both modernization and new building. Government and military facilities continue to add regulations that create the need for life safety event management.

High performance municipal services

Successful response to an alarm depends on speed and accuracy, especially in the case of a fire when even seconds wasted can mean loss of lives and property. Municipalities (link to municipal) have long been a bastion for alarm monitoring and continue to upgrade their systems to take advantage of new technologies and to comply with code and standards changes. Municipal fire and police departments know that new technologies offer increasingly higher performance and efficiency, enabling them to deliver better quality life safety response services.

Demand for integration

Continued facility renovation and increased regulations are converging to create a dilemma for municipalities and organizations and companies with large facilities. Faced with rising life safety costs, they seek to maintain systems compatibility to increase cost efficiency while providing higher quality services. Market consolidation further adds to their problems by removing service providers for existing systems.

A win-win solution

Local life safety event management systems offer flexibility, dependability and high performance without the enormous capital expense of upgrading all facility protection systems all at one time. Using either active radio network or direct connection by either wire or fiber with the facility protection system, they can interface with a wide variety of legacy systems to provide the most rapid response and the fastest ROI.