Keltron believes that effective training facilitates installation and prepares our customers for efficient operation and ongoing upgrades. We offer a range of training courses that are designed to fit the site-specific system. Training courses provide administrators, technicians, and users with the knowledge required to identify system components by function and perform routine maintenance, operation, testing and programming of the system.

For the most comprehensive experience, initial training usually takes place prior to delivery at Keltron’s offices in Rockland, MA or Roanoke, VA. Once the system is installed, we commission the system which includes on-site training to reach as many staff as possible.

Many Keltron customers request annual refresher courses or periodic training to ensure that their staff maintains and updates their knowledge as technology advances or personnel changes. Keltron also offers advanced training for more complex installations. Upon satisfactory completion of a Keltron training course, all attendees receive a Keltron certification letter.

The following are Keltron’s most popular training courses: