Keltron Active Network Radio Signaling

Keltron Radio Systems
Reliance on telephone lines to transmit fire and security information is becoming increasingly expensive and unreliable. In an effort to deliver a better solution, Keltron offers an active network radio signaling system based on radio transceivers that replace telephone lines to transmit mission critical alarm signals.

The UL listed Keltron active network radio signaling technology eliminates dedicated telephone lines that connect the fire alarm control panels (FACPs) at a protected building to its central dispatch location or to its municipal dispatch center. 

The benefits of active network radio
Keltron’s active network radio signaling systems provide reliability, speed and cost savings by:

  • Ensuring signal reception through multiple path routing
  • Eliminating false alarms due to faulty lines
  • Reducing ongoing expense by eliminating costly telephone lines
  • Reducing capital expense by interfacing with existing FACPs

How it works
This wireless system has unique, powerful and patented store-and-forward multipath capability that alleviates the need for both towers and expensive repeater sites because every radio transceiver functions as a repeater. Distributed intelligence and dynamically-evaluated transmission paths ensure that the most reliable path to the central receiver is always used. Each added transceiver strengthens the network and can provide another transmission path to the central receiver for the other transceivers.

The Keltron radio transceivers transmit alarm signals to a Keltron signal converter, which then sends the signals to the Keltron radio receiver. The information is then sent to the Keltron LS 7000 alarm management system for monitoring, dispatching, reporting and situational awareness.

Keltron offers a suite of active network radio transceivers to meet our customers’ specific needs: