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Valcom, Inc. and Keltron Corporation Converge Technologies For A Total Life Safety Communications System
End-To-End Solution for Campus and Facility Life Safety Communications

Roanoke, Virginia and Waltham, Mass., September 4, 2008 – Valcom, Inc., leading provider of emergency communication systems and Keltron Corporation, leading provider of life safety event management systems, today announce a strategic partnership to provide campuses and facilities with total life safety communications. The resulting Total Life Safety Communications System is a comprehensive convergence of technologies that provide extended life safety communications for companies and organizations with multi-building facilities and complexes.

Most campus and facilities managers are searching for ways to extend the reach of their organization’s alarm system footprint and Valcom and Keltron have combined to provide a bridge between alarms systems and the people they protect. This complete system carries extensive information from the alarm panel, through the dispatcher and out to the campuses or facility’s students and workers. The Total Life Safety Communications System enables optimal communications escalation by providing customizable options that distribute the right message to the right people at the right time.

“The advantage in working together is to enhance our ability to meet customer needs by providing complete life-safety communications solutions,” says Jack Mason, president of Valcom. “Both companies share the same target market and philosophy of providing the best possible value to customers. We will focus on developing projects together that will extend the abilities of each individual solution.”

The universally-compatible Keltron Life Safety Event Management System receives incident data from available alarm panels and devices, presents comprehensive event information to the operator and depending on the situation, and provides the operator with appropriate response options. The operator then directs an appropriate response to the Valcom Emergency Communication System where the messages are executed via mass outbound communications to any and/or all of the following: loud speaker paging, e-mail, voicemail, cell phone notification, visual signage, text messaging, and outdoor voice paging. The Valcom system features, simple graphic interface, text to speech, pre-recorded messages and live messages.

“The Total Life Safety Communications System is cost effective and easy to deploy since it utilizes the facility’s existing data network infrastructure”, said Steve Sargent, director of sales at Keltron. “The system provides the operator with effective assessment tools to fully leverage all facets of event communication.”

Both companies will be exhibiting at the upcoming ASIS Conference and Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, September 15-18. Visit Valcom in Booth #4356 and Keltron in booth #1829 to learn more.

Keltron Corporation is a leading provider of life safety event management solutions that enable organizations and companies to provide dependable, scalable, life safety event response. Our universally-compatible solutions interface with more than 50 models of alarm panels and transmit signals using Ethernet, active network radio, distributed multiplex, digital dialer, direct wire, fiber and coded communications infrastructures. Keltron’s thousands of customers include US Steel, Consolidated Edison, Florida State University, University of Virginia, MD Anderson Cancer Center, US Army Fort Bragg and the City of Philadelphia.

As the largest provider of telephone integrated paging systems, Valcom is the standard product offering for major telephone companies and the overwhelming choice of Fortune 500 Companies. Valcom’s pre-engineered technology uses your existing infrastructure, which eliminates the need for additional wiring when connecting speakers and other intercom products. By utilizing CAT3/5/5e/6 cable, and existing networks, system additions, moves and changes are much quicker and easier to accomplish. For over 30 years, Valcom has been the communication system solution for customers such as Atlas IV Launch Facility, Holocaust Museum, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Chicago State University, and Northwestern University.


Linda Bishop
Valcom, Inc.

Lisa Korklan
Keltron Corporation