Keltron Legacy Solutions

Keltron Legacy Fire Alarm Monitoring, Dispatching, and Reporting Solutions

For more than 50 years, Keltron has manufactured solutions for legacy technologies including telephone lines, digital dialer, direct wire and coded loop signaling. The Keltron DMP703 series alarm receivers receive alarm signals over these communications technologies.

These receivers enable a smooth transition to newer signaling technologies such as Ethernet/IP, cellular, and active network radio by interfacing with the Keltron LS 7000 alarm management system and continuing to receive existing signals until the system is completely transitioned. This enables a phased-in implementation that is cost-effective and minimizes strain on the facility.

Accepting every type of alarm input, Keltron’s systems manage the monitoring/control functions that occur in municipal and multi-building facility fire and security systems. Whether your facility is a college campus, a residential apartment building or a municipal fire station, or your monitoring operators are on site or thousands of miles away, Keltron’s high performance systems can be configured to provide exactly what you need to protect lives and property.