Keltron Ethernet/IP Signaling

Ethernet/IP Alarm Signaling Solutions

The world’s Ethernet/IP communications infrastructure provides lightning-fast communication over any distance is at every level of every industry. Keltron’s Ethernet/IP networking solutions transmit alarm signals from fire alarm control panels directly to the Keltron LS 7000 Alarm Management System through UL listed, Keltron LS Net Ethernet/IP transceivers.

The benefits of Ethernet/IP signaling:

High Performance – advanced error detection and supervision. On-demand, event-driven protocol minimizes
traffic load on existing networks

Maximum Efficiency – with easy-to-use PC-based software

Reliability – bilateral supervision ensure end-to-end reliability

Universal Compatibility – interfaces with more than 95% of manufacturers’ panels

Scalability – software-driven system has almost limitless capacity

Reduces Expense – leverages existing network infrastructure and facilities, uses standard Ethernet connections
and protocols, and utilizes local IT expertise

Keltron offers a suite of Ethernet/IP transceivers to meet our customers’ specific needs:

New! Keltron LS NET9000 Single/Dual-Path Transceiver Data Sheet 
Keltron LS Net 922 UL Listed, Serial Ethernet/IP Transceiver Data Sheet
Keltron LS Net to FACP Compatibility Chart