The Gift of Inner Peace

By Denise Pappas, Executive Director
By Lisa Korklan, VP of Marketing

These past two years of pandemic have been really rough on all of us. More than anything, we worry about our family and friends. Are they OK? How are they doing? What’s going on with them? Prior to the pandemic, we would get together during the holidays and share our life experiences. However, with travel restricted and large gatherings precarious, we needed a new way to connect – the Zoom Age arrived, ushered in by new technology. Not only could you see one family member, but you could see and connect with your whole family, across the country and around the world in one Zoom session. Somehow, that gave us a gift – a sense of inner peace that all was well with our loved ones.

I often see parallels in life and thinking about this made me think about the Keltron Life Safety Event Management Solutions and they connect all those different brands of fire alarm control panels together into a single view. And you know what? You get overall situational awareness – knowing what is going on throughout your campus or facility. And what does that bring you? The gift of inner peace, just like Zoom.

Situational awareness provides visibility into of all fire alarm activity and enables fire and life safety stakeholders to make optimal decisions for the well-being of their campus or facility. A major requirement in achieving overall situational awareness is communication and information exchange. For example, many facilities have multiple brands and models of fire alarm panels that cannot provide their information in a single, facility-wide system. A system that aggregates all the information into a single view can provide overall situational awareness instead of only communicating data from a single building.

A high level of overall situational awareness helps system administrators and other fire and life safety stakeholders to recognize the scope of an event and to pinpoint exactly where it is occurring. This facilitates an accurate assessment of the likelihood a fire may spread and where it will spread. A single system can also identify faulty equipment before it breaks down and enable a proactive response before there is a fire.

Much like participating in a Zoom call and knowing how everyone on the call is doing, a Keltron system aggregates fire alarm control panels into a single system to provide optimal situational awareness. In both cases, you receive the gift of inner peace.

Happy holidays to everyone and may you all have the gift of inner peace!