You Are So Lucky!

Denise Pappas, Executive Director

Often times, I hear the phrase, “you are so lucky!”, or “are you feeling lucky?” because everything that is positive seems to be falling into your lap. While I don’t consider myself particularly lucky, I do believe that luck happens when hard work meets opportunity and you can recognize and capitalize on it. Part of this type of luck is a person’s ability to see the big picture and determine the right steps to achieve their goals.

Typically, stakeholders at campuses and multi-building facilities face the challenge of not being able to see the big picture – the totality of activity throughout their facility or campus. Different equipment, purchased over the years by many people, leads to a hodge-podge of disparate fire alarm control panels (FACPs) with multiple head ends and no ability to provide overall situational awareness.

If you find yourself in this situation, then get ready to feel lucky! The Keltron Life Safety Event Management System can connect your disparate FACPs together into a single view to provide overall situational awareness at your facility or campus.

Another challenge for managers at campuses and multi-building facilities is relying on legacy communications systems (POTS lines, direct wire, etc.) for signaling and they are often unreliable and difficult to maintain. Lucky for you, Keltron’s solutions can not only help you transition from these old signaling technologies, but offer you the option of using multiple newer technologies (IP, Cellular, Mesh Network Radio) to connect those systems into a single view.

Are your facility’s dispatchers busy with numerous building systems, often creating overload issues? Keltron LS 7000 Alarm Management System is specifically designed for the multi-building environment with specialized functions like event segregation, storm mode, and trouble shunt to avoid operator overload.

If you are experiencing these challenges at your campus or multi-building facility, then consider yourself lucky to find Keltron’s solutions! Contact us today to learn more about our Keltron solution and your colleagues will be saying, “you are so lucky!”.

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